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Thank you for visiting FurnitureFindex.com and welcome to the world of finding home furnishings, once loved. I am an interior designer and have been in the business for more than 25 years. One of the biggest frustrations I find when my clients buy new furniture is what to do with their old furniture. They all thought I had the answer as to what to do with their previous possessions and I did not. Most don't want to bother with the hassle of placing a want ad in the newspaper. Many are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with using online auction sites or used furniture store outlets. I have experienced this numerous times in my life and have never found the perfect outlet for selling used furniture, until now.

If you are looking for once loved furniture, FurnitureFindex is the perfect medium for finding home furnishings by size, by condition, by style, by quality and by location. Finding the right piece of furniture for my clients has always been the other great challenge of my career. You will find that the ability to search by dimensions alone is amazing. With FurnitureFindex, you can accomplish this goal with great ease and efficiency, saving you an enormous amount of time. After all, in the modern world, time is the most precious commodity we have and furnishing a home takes an enormous commitment of time.

If you are selling your furniture, FurnitureFindex may be the perfect place to wax poetic about your treasured belongings. You can show pictures and write as much as you want about your furniture, once loved. Tell a story. FurnitureFindex should be easy to use and affords more dignity than the typical advertising medium. In fact, we hope this site will become the ultimate in searching for new home furnishings, once loved.

Try FurnitureFindex. It's easy, it's fun. If you find that perfect piece of furniture, enjoy your new-found acquisition. If you are selling, rest assured this is a great place for your once-loved possessions to find a new home. As President of FurnitureFindex.com, I welcome your suggestions, comments and ideas. Your input is a valuable asset to our ongoing quest to make buying or selling used furniture quick, easy and thoroughly enjoyable.

Denise H. Cooperman
Denise H. Cooperman
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