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Item #: 721513407
Condition: Like New
Price: $5,500.00  (Originally $12,000.00)
Listed By: Pamela1027
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Furniture Type:  Sofas > Sectionals
Grande Custom Sectional
This beautiful , grande-sized sectional was custom for our large 5,000 sq ft+ home. It was much-loved, but rarely used in that we had no children at home, no pets and often sat in our leather club chairs to read or watch television. We have since down-sized significantly, and no longer have space. Sectional measures approximately 10' from outside center of curve to each end of sofa. Seat cushions are filled with comfort down, and back cushions are a blend down. It's deliciously comfortable! Please feel free to contact with any questions
Width: 0 inches
Depth: 0 inches
Height: 39 inches
Weight: 0 pounds
Style:  Transitional
Location:  Littleton, CO
ZIP Code:  80124   View Map
Grande Custom Sectional
Grande Custom SectionalEnlarge Image
Grande Custom SectionalGrande Custom SectionalGrande Custom SectionalGrande Custom Sectional
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