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The Ark Lords by Michael Brachman
If a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous, then a lot of knowledge could be deadly! In this fast-paced sequel to the novel Rome's Revolution, Rei, Rome and MINIMCOM, the 35th century starship find themselves under attack from all quarters. Why? The Ark Lords were the second-most heinous individuals to ever walk the Earth. The first were those responsible for the death of nine billion people - The Great Dying - back in 2081 AD. Who was behind this horrific act has remained a mystery, until the day Rome accidentally stumbles across the answer to the 1400-year-old secret. Merely possessing this knowledge threatens not only Rome's family, but every man, woman and child throughout the galaxy. Those protecting the secret will stop at nothing to make sure their endgame is secure. Rei, Rome and MINIMCOM embark on a desperate race through three star systems to try to prevent The Ark Lords from rising again. At stake is nothing less than the fate of all of mankind!
The Ark Lords: Official Website
Quantity: 10
Width: 5 inches
Depth: 0.6 inches
Height: 9 inches
Weight: 1 pounds
Style:  Modern
Location:  Media, PA    Seller will ship this item for you
ZIP Code:  19063   View Map
Catalog #:  ISBN 9780984895373
The Ark Lords by Michael Brachman
The Ark Lords by Michael BrachmanEnlarge Image
The Ark Lords by Michael BrachmanThe Ark Lords by Michael BrachmanThe Ark Lords by Michael Brachman
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