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Item #: 721512659
Condition: Slightly Used
Price: $3,000.00  (Originally $5,000.00)
Listed By: koomy56
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Furniture Type:  Armoires
Gorgeous handmade corner armoir
Beautiful piece of furniture, corner piece for tv. Handmade in Peru, by South Cone Trading Company. Minor scratches on the outside, some scratches on the inside where the TV has been slid in and out. Photo is online photo as the piece is in storage and difficult to take photo of.
Width: 37 inches
Depth: 0 inches
Height: 76 inches
Weight: 250 pounds
Style:  Wood
Location:  Montrose, CO
ZIP Code:  81401   View Map
Gorgeous handmade corner armoir
Gorgeous handmade corner armoirEnlarge Image
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