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Item #: 721512003
Condition: New
Price: $150.00  (Originally $225.00)
Listed By: andrewp
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Furniture Type:  Accessories
Bowl of Fruit Hanging Tapestry
The Grapes of Venice Tapestry Wall Hanging faithfully depicts realistic fruit in a beautiful basket. Made in the Italy with Jacquard looms and pure cotton yarn, this wall hanging is fully backed with a sewn rod pocket for ease of hanging. Item # 8054 Beige. Available to the trade. We have these in stock and can ship within a few days.
Width: 41 inches
Depth: 0 inches
Height: 24.5 inches
Weight: 0 pounds
Style:  Other
Location:  Berlin, NJ
ZIP Code:  08009   View Map
Bowl of Fruit Hanging Tapestry
Bowl of Fruit Hanging TapestryEnlarge Image
Bowl of Fruit Hanging TapestryBowl of Fruit Hanging TapestryBowl of Fruit Hanging TapestryBowl of Fruit Hanging Tapestry
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