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Item #: 721511165
Condition: Like New
Price: $12,000.00  (Originally $20,000.00)
Listed By: dzine4u
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Furniture Type:  Artwork > Fine Art
James Groody Original Painting
This is an amazing Original James Groody Abstract Illusion Acrylic on Canvas. This beautiful work of art is hand signed on reverse side of piece. Originally purchased directly from the artist. Groody is credited for being an originator of the abstract illusion artistic technique, which majestically creates a three-dimensional illusion of a subject in the foreground with a corresponding subject in the background. The large piece of art is absolutely stunning! It is in PERFECT condition and would look great with a variety of decors. It is the perfect size for above a sofa or sectional. Would look great in the home or office. Only intended for serious buyers! About the Artist: James Groody was born in Philadelphia in 1940 and now resides in Bucks County, PA. He started painting after completing his military service where he became an accomplished illustrator. Returning to the Delaware Valley to live and work he achieved early recognition for his highly individualistic col
Width: 70 inches
Depth: 1 inches
Height: 49 inches
Weight: 0 pounds
Style:  Other
Location:  Cherry Hill, NJ
ZIP Code:  08003   View Map
James Groody Original Painting
James Groody Original PaintingEnlarge Image
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