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Item #: 721511123
Condition: Slightly Used
Price: $850.00  (Originally $1,059.94)
Listed By: Donnal
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Furniture Type:  Dining Room/Tables > Dining Room Sets
Ashley Hendler Dining Room Set
The “Hendler” dining room collection has a rich contemporary style that takes its influence from a beautiful and exotic high style Asian design. The woody dark drawn finish is beautifully complemented with the rich stylish look of faux leather accents weaving across the furniture with exotic elegance. With metal plates adorned with chisel point nailhead accents and a clear float glass table top with a beveled and polished edge, this furniture has a unique style that is sure to enhance any dining experience. Create the dining room of your dreams with the rich exotic beauty of the “Hendler” dining room collection.
Width: 0 inches
Depth: 0 inches
Height: 0 inches
Weight: 0 pounds
Style:  Other
Location:  Clinton, MD
ZIP Code:  20735   View Map
Ashley Hendler Dining Room Set
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