Welcome to a new wonderland of “Art with Fabrics” by D Harrison & Company. Dee has been called “one of the most talented artists with fabrics”, specializing in exquisite and unique designs for all with home accessories, bedding, blankies, pillows, tablecloths, throws, and window treatments. Her creativity with fabric has now led her into handbag design and whimsical gift bags. You will see her love of art, design, fabrics and trims expressed in everything she creates. The elements of her designs come from all over the world, and include antique, vintage, recycled—any unique fabrics and trims that are appealing to Dee. Many of her collections are one-of-a-kind and true works of art.
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Item #: 721511678
Condition: New
Price: $528.00
Listed By: deeharrison
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Furniture Type:  Accessories > Throws/Blankets
Fancy Faux Fur Blanket-Polo/Cinnabar/Cognac
D Harrison & Company presents: Our famous "Fancy Blankie" made with the most luscious faux furs, trimmed with our custom 7" skirt fringe to coordinate with the furs and soft suede linings of each blankie. These are the most popular of our blankies!!! D Harrison & Company is the only "couture" designer manufacturing faux fur blankies trimmed in this wonderful custom fringe.
Width: 59 inches
Depth: 0 inches
Height: 71 inches
Weight: 12 pounds
Style:  Other
Location:  Thousand Oaks, CA    Seller will ship this item for you
ZIP Code:  91362   View Map
Fancy Faux Fur Blanket-Polo/Cinnabar/Cognac
Fancy Faux Fur Blanket-Polo/Cinnabar/CognacEnlarge Image
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